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Eponymous 7"

by Catharsis

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Ritualized 02:30
Isaac 02:45


released October 1, 1995

In the Belly of the Demon

Born in the very bed of the enemy
Doesn’t mean shit to me, I’d rather die than live in fear
Disaffect me, disconnect me: cast aside like filth
I’ll trade you lie for lie and tooth for tooth
Cancer spreading in and all around you
Drive in the nails and the lies, pour the salt in my wounds
I’ll be the one to cast the first stone
When the angels come down to kick in your windows
To tear up your streets, to turn your world upside down
You live in fear
Don’t you...
Born in a bad of nails I won’t, I wouldn’t sleep here if I could
To wake and find myself the next sacrifice
You live in darkness, live in fear
But at least you know that you belong here
Tell me is it worth the fucking price
I’ll trade you lie for lie and tooth for tooth, eye for eye and truth for truth.

What the Thunder Said

Welcome to the holy day
This is the day that it all comes true
It will burn like a furnace
When the mouth of hell opens up before me, come suffering:
Wash me of my impurities, teach me what it is to want More
Everywhere I turn, the despisers of the body—the despisers of the soul
Angels bleed out from their wounds, demons out from mine
Remind me what’s at stake, drive me day and night
In this forsaken slaughterhouse, God forgot but I have not
I still know exactly what I want
On the edge of humanity, health and sickness to each side of me
For the first time I could see I meant nothing to either one...
Time is running out for you, all the things you desire are hostile to you
Your submission and your ‘holy lies’ I’ll never stoop to understand
You sacrificed yourselves: you raised your temples to the skies,
Plucked your tongues, sewed shut your eyes
Raised disease upon a throne
Sacrificed the flesh, now there’s nothing left for you but the bones
In the pit of mortality, health and sickness casting lots for me
For the first time I could see I meant nothing to either one
Desperate, starved in every way, bloodstained bread she brought for me
I had nothing, and God help me, I took it while I could
Nailed to my sacraments, to the marrow of my bones
Making my way alone down this road paved with thorns
Struggling to carve a path through the pollution that surrounds


Scar tissue torn back to ribbons
Gnawed by memory, I sit alone
Skin talk, speaking in tongues
My shelter, my gilded cage, my pit of despair
It becomes ritualized, becomes ritual lies
It takes all you’ve got to break away
To end the compromise, and to realize
You’re going to carry your secrets
Through the gauntlet of the revilers and despisers
For the rest of your life
Opium of cheap affection bought and paid for by infection
In the west: home...
It becomes ritualized, becomes ritual lies
It takes all you’ve got to break away
To end the compromise, and to realize
You’re going to carry your secrets
To your grave
Never tear us apart
Never break us apart
Never let them come between us
Never throw it away
Tear us apart
Break us apart
Let them come between us
Throw it all


Night falls like a guillotine, they turn on themselves
Blanket the city in broken glass
Smoke-filled chamber spinning, flesh and soul are set at odds
As my life ends she begs for her share of the corpse
Bound together with mortal chains, it’s up to me to make the trade
Fucked up on their drugs, diseased, crying she comes to me
As I come under the sharpest blade
Now my strength is failing, my convictions at their weakest
Eloi, Eloi lama sabachthani as the agony deepens
Screams echo outside this cell, plotting my escape
Entombed solitude, counting down the days
Surrounded by confusion, drowning in pollution
I’ll strike anything in my reach
Strength bows to weakness, to lepers and leeches
Infected values you teach
Painted black, God-hungry, lacrimans she comes for me
Listening through the walls for the end
All your schemes are failing so you sink your teeth in me
Mercy is the word you use for giving me disease

Lay down in darkness
Here, in the belly of the demon
City of denial, threats passed off as reason
Rancid angel of mercy watches from above
My halo is a crown of thorns
Your sickness is the cross I’ve borne
But I won’t sacrifice myself for you
We are not the same
God be with you, because I won’t be


recorded August 3 to 5, 1995 at MARS studios by Bill Korecky


all rights reserved



Crimethinc Olympia, Washington

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